The Trapaing Sangke Fishing Community (TFC), located 30 kilometers from Kampot town, has been the focus of CYA’s conservation efforts for over a decade. Each year, CYA volunteers plant 2,000 mangroves and nurture 20,000 seedlings, enhancing biodiversity and supporting marine life. This ecological restoration has improved local fishermen’s livelihoods and transformed TFC into a popular eco-tourism destination since 2014, creating jobs and boosting the local economy. We thank our volunteers and partners and invite others to join us in supporting environmental conservation and local community development.


Public Awareness: Raise public awareness about the value of mangrove forests to encourage community involvement in their preservation, protection, and maintenance.

Community Involvement: Inspire individuals to take an active role in conservation efforts by fostering environmental benefits provided by mangroves.

Sustainable Tourism DevelopmentDevelop and promote eco-friendly tourism services such as boat tours, local cuisine, and accommodations to boost the local economy.


Getting to know TFC Community: Volunteers gain valuable insights into local lifestyles and needs through direct interaction. To facilitate this, CYA will organize a commune mapping activity at every workcamp.

Create New Leisure Activities:With the recent increase in tourist visits, TFC’s committee members are eager to collaborate with us on developing new leisure activities aimed at creating additional jobs and increasing local income.

Plantin & Nursing mangroves:Planting and nurturing mangroves are pivotal activities that not only create jobs for fishermen but also attract tourists. Therefore, we will continue to focus on these initiatives

Cleaning & Waste Management:TFC has become a popular eco-tourism destination attracting thousands of annual visitors, accompanied by significant waste generation. CYA and our volunteers are collaborating with local residents to preserve its clean and green environment.

The nearest terminal

The nearest airport to TFC is Phnom Penh International Airport  & volunteers travel to the project site from Phnom Penh via local transportation options.



Volunteers will cook their meals in shifts during the camp. The camp leader will provide an introduction to local markets and vendors where volunteers can purchase meats and vegetables for their cooking sessions.


Volunteers will stay in a volunteer house located within the Learning Center. The house provides simple amenities including sleeping mattresses, blankets, pillows, and mosquito nets.

Leisure Activities

Volunteers will have a weekend off to explore nearby tourist attractions. While no organized tours are scheduled, teams can collaborate to choose their destinations. The project manager will introduce available attractions and assist with transportation arrangements upon request.

Participation Fees

A participation fee of USD 220.00 is required from volunteers to help sustain our impactful projects. This fee is payable upon arrival and ensures the smooth operation and continuity of our initiatives.