CYA - Learning Center (CLC)

Project Description

The CYA Learning Center, established in 2014, was created to promote higher education among local children and teenagers, preserve local cultural heritage, and improve the living conditions of the local community. Our dedicated volunteers are the backbone of the Learning Center, contributing to building infrastructure, teaching various subjects, and organizing community events.

Overall Goals

  • Promote education among children and teenagers.
  • Preserve and protect local cultural heritage.
  • Improve local living conditions.

Objectives 2024

  • Equip students with knowledge in English, computers, and creative skills.
  • Increase student enrollment by 50% through an enhanced education program.
  • Establish a pilot vegetable and aquaponic farm
  • Conduct and document a survey on local cultural heritage.


Volunteers at the CYA Learning Center engage in a variety of impactful activities, including:

  • Teaching English, and computer skills at the Learning Center and public schools.
  • Organizing workshops and training sessions to improve teenagers’ life skills.
  • Working in the community farm to grow vegetables and maintain aquaponic systems.
  • Community Mapping on cultural heritage

Nearest Airport

Phnom Penh AirportĀ  & volunteers travel to the project site from Phnom Penh via local transportation options.

Food & Accommodation

Volunteers will stay in a volunteer house located within the Learning Center. The house provides simple amenities including sleeping mattresses, blankets, pillows, and mosquito nets. Meals are prepared by a local chef, offering basic Cambodian dishes.

leisure Activities

During weekends, volunteers can explore various tourist spots and cultural sites.

Participation Fees

A participation fee of USD 220.00 is required from volunteers to help sustain our impactful projects. This fee is payable upon arrival and ensures the smooth operation and continuity of our initiatives.