Global Education Center (GEC)


The Global Education Center (GEC), established in 2015 aimed at fostering intercultural understanding, enhancing educational opportunities, and promoting sustainable development through a dynamic blend of education and community-based activities. Located in a suburb of Siem Reap downtown, a culturally rich area, the center has served as a hub for international volunteers, local communities, and educational professionals. Our mission is to create a collaborative environment where knowledge exchange, cultural immersion, and community service intersect to empower individuals and transform societies.

Goals & Objectives


To provide quality education and skill development programs for underserved communities.

To foster intercultural dialogue and understanding among participants from diverse backgrounds.

To promote sustainable development practices through education and community engagement.


  1. Develop and implement a comprehensive curriculum that includes language learning, vocational training, and environmental education.
  2. Organize cultural exchange programs and workshops to facilitate mutual learning and appreciation of diverse cultures.
  3. Engage in community projects that address local needs and promote sustainable living practices.
  4. Create a supportive and inclusive environment for all participants, ensuring a rewarding and impactful experience.

project activities

Educational Program: provide language classes, computer lessons, library services, and more for local community members.

Cultural Exchange: Facilitate cultural immersion activities, including traditional arts and crafts, music and dance performances.

Community Service: Engage in activities such as building and renovating, organizing health and hygiene campaigns etc.

Sustainable Development: Focused on renewable energy, waste management, and sustainable agriculture practices.

Nearest terminal

The nearest international airport to the Global Education Center is Siem Reap Angkor International Airport, which is located approximately 25 kilometers from the center.

food & accommodation

Volunteers will stay in the rooms at GEC office, a short walk from the center. The house includes shared rooms with basic amenities such as mattresses, blankets, and pillows.

Treasure activities

On weekends, volunteers can explore Angkor Wat, visit the Angkor National Museum, local markets, take a boat tour on Tonle Sap Lake, and enjoy Phare, The Cambodian Circus.

participation fees

The participation fee for the Global Education Center volunteering program is USD 220 per project and it is payable upon arrival.