International Workcamp


The International Workcamp stands out as one of the most popular volunteering programs tailored for individuals who are keen to volunteer but have limited time availability. Every year, this program attracts approximately 400 national and international participants eager to make a meaningful contribution to various community projects around the world. Whether you are a student on a break, a professional seeking a short-term volunteering experience, or simply someone passionate about making a difference, the International Workcamp offers a unique opportunity to engage in impactful volunteer work within a flexible timeframe.


The International Workcamp offers a flexible volunteering duration ranging from two weeks to four weeks. This structure allows participants to choose a time frame that fits their schedule and commitments, ensuring a rewarding volunteering experience without compromising their other responsibilities. Whether you opt for a shorter two-week stint or extend your stay to four weeks, each duration promises enriching experiences, personal growth, and the satisfaction of contributing to meaningful community projects.


The International Workcamp prides itself on its diverse and inclusive environment, bringing together participants from a mix of nationalities. On average, each project hosts volunteers from 5 to 6 different countries, fostering cross-cultural exchange, understanding, and collaboration. This multicultural setting not only enriches the volunteering experience but also promotes global awareness, unity, and friendship among participants from various backgrounds and cultures.

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When it comes to cooking and eating, volunteers often take turns preparing meals using shared kitchen facilities, encouraging cultural exchange through food and culinary traditions. This communal living experience fosters a sense of community, cooperation, and shared responsibility among participants, enhancing the overall volunteering experience.



Participants in the International Workcamp typically share communal living spaces, emphasizing collaboration, teamwork, and community bonding. Accommodation arrangements often include shared dormitories or rooms, promoting camaraderie and mutual support among volunteers. Additionally, shared bathrooms and toilets are provided, ensuring comfort and convenience for all participants.


Tourist Attractions

While the focus of the International Workcamp is on volunteering and community service, participants also get the opportunity to explore and enjoy the local culture and attractions during their free days. Organized group outings to nearby tourist attractions are often arranged, allowing volunteers to unwind, socialize, and immerse themselves in the rich heritage, history, and natural beauty of our country. These excursions not only serve as recreational breaks but also offer valuable insights into the local culture, traditions, and way of life, enhancing the overall volunteering experience and broadening participants’ perspectives.

Join us at the International Workcamp for an unforgettable volunteering journey, where you can make a difference, forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals from around the world, and explore the wonders of a new culture and community!

We are delighted to present our four esteemed projects that serve as host sites for our International Workcamps: 1. Center for Sustainable Development (CSD), 2. Center of Arts, Music, and Education (CAME), 3. Trapaing Sangke Fishing Community (TFC), and 4. Development for Cambodian Children (DCC). Each project offers a unique and rewarding volunteering experience, providing participants with the opportunity to make a meaningful impact while learning and growing alongside local communities. Join us in these transformative journeys and contribute to positive change! Check the details of each project below:

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Center for Sustainable Development (CSD)


After 4 years of progress, One of the CYA projects is now transforming from the CYA – Learning Center (CLC) into the Center for Sustainable Development (CSD). We will expand our work from education to community development. Read More


Center for Arts, Music, and Education (CAME)


CYA project,  Center of Arts, Music, and Education (CAME), aims to provide free alternative education for children and teenagers to develop their self-confidence, support them in creating their dream for the future, and make education their priority. Read More

Trapaing Sangke Fishing Community (TFC)


Trapaing Sangke Fishing Community (TFC) is a community based organization aims at preserve and protect mangrove forest to maintain ecology system and increase lives in the sea such as crap, fish, shrimp, etc. Read More

Development for Cambodian Children (DCC)


Development for Cambodian Children (DCC) is a community based organization which has been working to provide local children and teenagers English compentency, computer skill, and engage them in community development since 2002. Read More